Her name is Angelica (relato corto-posible historia)

Her name is Angelica. She is the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. More than Carly, and definitely more than Hannah. As her name indicates, she is an angel. If only I had the courage to say hello when I had the chance.

It was a rainy afternoon. I was trying to finish these article I had to write about a train company. I can’t even remember the name. As always my mind had gone away from the paper and into something else. A fly, the dust in the books, the weird couple sitting in front of me… Anything was more interesting than that fucking article. But still nothing was interesting enough. Until she walked in. First thing I saw was her white dress, so nice and summery. Above it she had a red jacket. Red as her lips. So red.

I started to feel my cock growing inside my trousers. Damn. The color red has always caused that reaction in me, but thanks to the schrink I was now more able to control it. But while looking at her… It is just impossible to control anything.

Her hair is almost black, long and wavy. That day she had a ponytail. I could see her nape… Damn. That is something that has also turn me on since always. It was really hard to keep my boner down. I could feel my face turn red when she glimpsed me. Oh, her eyes were two big pools, sparkling with happines. We only looked at each other for a second, but it was the most wonderful moment in my life. I would give almost everything I own to feel that look again.

Everytime I remember her entrance I can feel an erection growing. But for the first time in my life, it feels bad to masturbate picturing her. She looks so pure, and clean. It’s like the perfect girl of my dreams. I cannot do that to her, I cannot make her a sexual object like with the others. She’s special. She is an angel. My angel. Angelica.

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